Climate Controlled Storage Units; ……………. It’s not all about the Climate

Published on 2/25/2020

While it’s true that Climate Controlled Storage Units are very nice to move into and move out of sparing said movers from the difficulties of inclement weather.  And of course Climate Controlled Storage Units are just as easy on the furniture and belongings saving them from long term exposure to severe weather and weather changes.  These are indeed great reasons for choosing Climate Controlled Storage over the traditional drive up storage, especially for your more valuable valuables.  There are a number of things that Climate Controlled Self Storage are good for that we haven’t even touched on yet, all state the areas of interest here and go into some detail but it may take another article to finish this discussion.  Areas where Controlled Self Storage is better than traditional driveup Storage Units is in the areas of Security, pest control, dust and dirt control, safety, lets talk about these one at a time and I think you will see why you get a lot of bang for your buck in Controlled Self Storage.  First let’s talk about where most of these benefits come from. In most Climate Controlled Self Storage Units a interior storage building is utilized with hallways and storage doors on the interior of the building.   This building is typically much more airtight than door units, these interior door buildings also typically include Standing Seam Galvalume roofs which means that no fastener (READ SCREW HERE) will penetrate the integrity of the storage units roof and also there is 2-6 inches of insulation attached under the roof which protects against dropletsthat could damage valuables.  Let’s talk Security from physical damage to your goods, the condensation  the firt place me need to look for physical damage is the greatest destroyer of all time, water, it carved the Grand canyon and that is one big mamajamma canyon.   In a standard self storage facility you have a standard screw down roof which means up to 1 screw penetrates the roof for every two square feet of roof space, but these screws don’t leak, if they are installed right, and if the rubber gaskets haven’t rotted off of them yet, and if there is a vapor barrier, oh yeah didn’t we need this vapor barrier for condensation as well.  There is more than one reason we, tell you to cover your stuff, make that cover water proof you may have had an installer that had a good time last weekend an really screw the roof up when he got back   The Second place we can look is the sharp little teeth of our furry four footed friends, the infamous mouse.  Obviously an interior door design makes for less opportunities for our little friends to invade and more opportunities for  us to mitigate their presence.  A mouse can slide right under a rollup door that is closed just perfectly but in an interior door building there are only 3 exterior doors and a mouse can only make it through these if he tailgates a guest, and to do that he has to navigate some many feet it is just not very feets-able a small joke for the small folk.  Then there are our other small friends that come in from outside again the lack of a way to come in and the ability to maintain the border of the building against the on coming tide of little destroyers.   So what is that all of my whitty but true tale of Climate Controlled Storage Units, which are also Rodent Controlled Self Storage, bug and spider controlled, and rain and flash flood controlled.  I think I just love these Climate Controlled Storage Units because, I am a controlling kind of guy and I like to control my environment, I have seven kids which might give you a clue to my controlling nature.  When I store then I come back to get it I like it to be nice and working and not have layer of dust and, mud and EEEKKK on it, WAIT, WAIT, did I say dust and mud, I’m giving away the best part of the story you’ll have to wait until next time to see what else gets controlled in the thrilling sequel to Climate Controlled Storage Units; It’s not all about the Climate