Climate Controlled Storage Units; \ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sometimes it is about the climate

Published on 2/25/2020

While it’s true that Climate Controlled Self Storage Storage Units are great to move out of sparing movers and owners from heat stroke, and frostbite.  And of course a Climate Controlled Storage Unit is just as kind to the furniture and belongings saving them from the ravages of exposure to severe weather and weather changes.  These are great reasons for choosing Climate Controlled Storage Units over the traditional drive up storage, particularly for your valuables.  There are a number of things that Climate Controlled Self Storage Units are good for that we haven’t even touched on yet, all state the areas of interest here and go into some detail but it may take another article to finish this discussion.  Areas where climate Controlled Self Storage is better than traditional driveup Storage Units is in the areas of Security, pest control, dust and dirt control, safety, lets talk about these one at a time and I think you will see why you get a lot for your storage unit dollar in Climate Controlled Self Storage.  Furniture like owners and movers is not made for the hot humid climate of the East Coast Midwest & South of the Usa can cause antique or expensive furniture to bend and and warp and twist .  Mold and mildew can spread like a firestorm Of course Climate Controlled Storage Units are pretty expensive averaging 30-50% more per square foot than traditional Self Storage Unit building.  It is possible to have an interior door building, this storage building is utilized with hallways and storage doors on the interior of the building.   This building is much more rodent proof than extdoor units, these interior door buildings also include Standing Seam Galvalume roofs which means that no fasteners will penetrate the integrity of the storage units roof and also there is 2-6 inches of insulation attached under the roof which protects against droplets that could damage valuables.  Obviously an interior door design makes for less opportunities for little friends to invade and more opportunities for us to squeeze them out of existence.